Before Green Chile Club…*

Green Chile Before Green Chile Club

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*(At least you saved yourself room for that single pint of ice cream!)




Before Green Chile Club…*

Everyone needs a New Mexico Hatch Green Chile Connection

See How It Works Now

*(Everyone needed a “connection” for New Mexico Hatch Green Chile.)


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Living outside of New Mexico just got a whole lot more appetizing.  Gone are the days of struggling to feed your green chile cravings.  All the hassle, all the uncertainty, all the distress of a life without easily accessible New Mexico Hatch green chile are behind you.

No need to cram your kitchen freezer, or keep an extra freezer in the garage.  No more holding back from putting it on every burger so you’ll make it to next year’s harvest, go ahead and smother that bad boy.

You’ll never have to beg your aunt to bring you two pounds when she comes to visit for the weekend.  (You may not even have to let that aunt visit anymore!)

New Mexico Hatch Green Chile Delivered to Your Door

  • Choose the amount of chile you’ll use in a month — we offer selections from 1.5 to 5 lbs.

  • Choose Mild or Hot — or, you can take some of each.

  • Each month, you’ll receive the perfect amount of the perfect chile.

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Small - Subscription
3 lbs delivered to your door each month. As low as $33/mo.
Medium - Subscription
4.5 lbs delivered to your door each month. As low as $46.33/mo
Large - Subscription
6 lbs delivered each month.  As low as $56.33/mo
Mini - 6 Mos.
Our smallest subscription:  1.5 lbs per month, delivered as 3 lbs every other month.  $99