Hi.  I’m Jaime Dean and I’m a New Mexican.  

It’s been twenty years since I left home the first time, and, while I’ve managed to live in New Mexico during ten of those years, I’ve spent an awful lot of my time in other places.  Most recently, my kids moved out here to the east coast, and I’ve come to spend most of my time in New York City, in Brooklyn.

Like any true New Mexican, the thing I miss most from home is green chile.  Even here, in one of the culinary capitals of the world, it’s just not that easy to consistently find legit Hatch New Mexico green chile.  I know I’m not alone.  I know how many of you face the same struggles.  And, I know to what lengths you go to make your lives away from New Mexico bearable.

  • We’ve all got a “chile connection,” the person we let crash at our place for a weekend, if they’ll bring a couple pounds of Green.

  • We’ve all tried to get home in September, bought fifty pounds to roast, peeled and bagged it at Mom’s, and loaded up a cooler with ice to drive it 2000 miles.

  • Which of us hasn’t had that breakdown moment with the tiny yellow can from the “ethnic foods” aisle, knowing full well it’s just not going to work?

So, I understand.  I know how tough it can be.  And, I’m here to change your life.

Just this past winter, I flew back to New York from Albuquerque with my daughter. Easy flight, quick, non-stop.  So, I dropped two pounds, frozen, in my backpack.  even put an ice pack on each side of it.  As we’re starting to land, a steady drip comes from the overhead compartment and lands right on my daughter’s thigh.  Any other New Mexicans on the flight Knew exactly what was going down.  The smell was unmistakable.  It was great… just, out of place. My backpack was soaked, everything in the overhead bin was soaked.  My daughter was mortified.

Out of my daughter’s shame was born Green Chile Club.

We deliver genuine New Mexico grown and processed Hatch green chile, to your door, every month.  You figure out how much you use in a month, and you’ll never go without.  No more jam packed kitchen freezers, no freezer in the garage JUST FOR GREEN CHILE (yep, I know that guy, too!).  No more rationing or skipping a meal. More is always on the way.

And, the beauty of it all… it’s actually economical.  Compared to the dozens of companies in our state that ship green chile, we’re almost giving it away. (and, we don’t have silly 5, 10 or 25 pound minimums.)  Factor in the energy and space savings of freezing a year’s supply, and the savings add up.

So, we’re ready to launch, and we’ll have genuine New Mexico Hatch green chile on your table in time for Thanksgiving.  Be sure and sign up for early access and spread the word to your loved ones.

Thanks, Jaime

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Join Green Chile Club

Small - Subscription
3 lbs delivered to your door each month. As low as $33/mo.
Medium - Subscription
4.5 lbs delivered to your door each month. As low as $46.33/mo
Large - Subscription
6 lbs delivered each month.  As low as $56.33/mo
Mini - 6 Mos.
Our smallest subscription:  1.5 lbs per month, delivered as 3 lbs every other month.  $99